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Travis is a guru when it comes to personal development. He will help you train your body and your mind. I recommend Travis to everyone I know!

"Thor is a sadistic monster but he drops the hammer for real results . Great guy, super knowledgeable, makes it fun, sadistic but fun."



Travis is awesome and super easy to work with. I recommend him all day long.


Travis is a joy to work with, and I highly recommend him as a personal trainer. I first came to him on a friends recommendation and am incredibly happy with my decision. Since I began working with him, Travis has been very knowledgeable and accommodating with both my schedule and my physical needs. I have a history of back pain and during our sessions he is helping me strengthen my core and has taught me techniques to alleviate back pain at home. He is also sensitive to my daily needs and can easily adjust according to those needs. I am very grateful to be working with such a knowledgeable, capable, and friendly trainer.


Travis has been a fundamental part of my weight loss journey ( which I'm still on). He provides patience, understanding, and is extremely knowledgeable in all things fitness as well as nutrition. As someone who HATES working out, I find myself enjoying my sessions. I actually get excited to go to my sessions! It all starts with a good trainer, which is why I would definitely recommend Travis!


"... weight training with Travis was a miracle for me... I lost half my sight in each eye so the balance and coordination work was really important... it also helped my bipolar (disorder) immensely... Were it not for this program I think I'd be hiding away in my house."


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